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Zombie Dash

Zombie Dash Nice 2 Eat u Blue Melange For Parent


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Zombie Dash Nice 2 Eat u Carmel Camo For Mum

CARMEL CAMO sweatshirt is a new sweatshirt from the military version this time for adults! 
In the military more pattern, there is a rabbit Zombie Dash - look closely and you will see his devil's tail! :) The predatory interior of the sweatshirt conceals a white whistle, and the zipper can be fastened high so as to close the entire hood. It's worth biting into this stylization! The sweatshirt is lined with a full lining, it can be double-sided. Sleeves and bottom finished with a welt. 
The sweatshirt is made of the best Polish materials that are not repeatable and produced especially for ZombieDash! 
It consists of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.