Miki House High performance batting reversible nylon vest

Miki House High performance batting reversible nylon vest

$174.99 NZD

It is a nylon vest with Pucci and Rabbit.
Besides, reversible specifications are also a perfect score.

The outer material is high-density nylon twill material with excellent wind protection.
The touch is also soft and the surface is smooth.

The reversible side is warm with fluffy sheep fleece material.

Best is easy to take off and is convenient for adjusting the temperature when going out for autumn and winter.
As there is no hood, I am happy to be convenient and easy to wear on my cell phone.

For batting, VOLCALOFT (Volcaroft) is a highly functional material used.
By kneading natural ore-derived fine particles (special ceramic) into polyester fiber, it keeps warmth by incorporating heat from the body.
It has a high heat storage property, it is warm with a far infrared effect.

The best convenient for temperature control, I want to arrange things of various materials depending on the climate.
Because your sleeve becomes free, it will be active in a bit of cold weather for lively children.

* VOLCALOFT (Volcaroft) is a registered trademark of Goldwin Corporation.