Miki House Baby Winter Boots - Pink

Miki House Baby Winter Boots - Pink



Miki House Baby Winter Boots - Pink

It is a baby winter boot that wraps your child's feet gently and warmly. 

Foot-wearing mouths and a warm bore on the back of the bello will gently wrap your child's feet. 

A large front belt is attached to make it easy to adjust the fit, so the mouth is wide open, so it is easy to wear off. 

In addition, it is easy to step on and bend in the correct position, making it a 
walkable flex sole design. 
In addition, heel part protects child's foot well in the counter. 

The soles are made like sneakers, so even small children can walk easily. 
I also have a function that I thought about the foot of the child firmly. 

Your face's knitting patch is cute at best. 
With cute boots, it is likely to be fun going out in cold weather.